EA have posted a cheeky little info-graphic that summarises FIFA 14 online

EA have posted a cheeky Fifa 14 Coins little info-graphic that summarises FIFA 14 online. In a rare peek behind the curtain, we learn that Benteke is the most transferred player in FUT 14, Ride the Wave is the most popular celebration and the top three H2H match ups are all a combination of Barca, Real Madrid and Bayern playing each other.

Cristiano Ronaldo has found the net the most and every 90 minutes there are 3.66M shots, 1.9M saves and 991,000 goals. Madness.

There’s a few more stats on the infographic, click it for a much more readable version.

The Greatness of Impressionist Oil Painting and Where to Find Such Beauty

Light strokes combined with open color combinations which disregard artistic formalities is the main feature found on impressionist paintings. Because of these features, it is not surprising why many would want to spend and invest a big pile of money just to have their hands on such very decorative masterpieces. Despite the thinking of art critics and other viewers with regards to such particular painting style having a very common and unorganized feature, many are still being persistent in finding and owning such paintings in order to add life and beauty to their houses and establishment walls.

In order to fully comprehend the beauty and worth of impressionist paintings, you may need to find and understand its roots and history. For instance, knowing the fact that this particular painting style originated way back in the 19th century where a group of artists have gathered with one sole purpose only shows that it has been long introduced into society and is not a new style that some random painters made. The purpose of this group is to introduce a new art style which has fewer restrictions and concentrates more on the freedom of expression. As the years go by, this grouping eventually became an art movement which is then called as Impressionism. It is then where many types of art activities such as painting incorporated such style.

As of today, many painting styles have been created out from such artistic concept. One famous example for such style is the impressionism oil painting. With the use of oil paints combine with impressionism ideas, many painters have created countless art works and masterpieces that have greatly helped those who have bought it for different purposes. Having this kind of information, it just clearly states the fact that such specific style is not only famous but is also influential and at the same time worth having. Though it has been a very good example for impressionist paintings nowadays, finding such specific art product is not that easy to find especially if you do not have any clue or idea on what it is that you are searching. In this case, using the internet would be the appropriate move for you to make in order to find helpful information regarding impressionism oil paintings.

Visiting a painting gallery online shop may likely give you the knowledge and info you are seeking in line with impressionist oil paintings since such online shop generally offers a wide range of paintings with different concepts and styles. In any case, accessing such site will surely give you more good things than bad.

Other than painting gallery online stores, you can also visit an impressionism oil painting shop to safely find different impressionism painting products. Although this kind of store is surely helpful when it comes to finding such specific painting style, finding an existing store may become a big issue since there are only a few which specialize on offering impressionist paintings. You may need to double your efforts in order to find such actual store.

5 iPhone Apps to Solve Your Call Termination Issues

The VoIP technology is taking the business world by storm. Offices with a limited budget found a solution to expensive call termination and SMS termination rates with VoIP phones. In fact, thanks to GSM gateways, the switch from traditional telephone lines to VoIP doesn t have to happen overnight. Entrepreneurs and business owners can choose from a vast range of products to optimize communications.

As technology evolves, more solutions are sent our way. Remote working is a growing trend, partly because of the different possibilities we have to bring our business wherever we go. Nowadays, there is an app for almost all of our needs. Call termination is one of them, and here are 5 of the most popular VoIP apps you should have on your iPhone.

Facetime Audio

Launching Facetime Audio, Apple offers a call termination solution that Skype is also well known for. VoIP calls are much cheaper than traditional lines calls. Why? Because they use an internet connection instead of your phone plan.


This app is not only about VoIP phone calls, but also a competitive SMS Termination alternative. Viber allows free text messages to be sent as long as there is an active data plan or Wi-Fi connection. Since the app is available in many countries around the world, possibilities for long distance business or personal communications are high.


Why would you download Skype on your iPhone when you already have Facetime? Simply because chances are not all of your clients or friends are Apple users. Skype lets you make free calls to Android and Windows phones. It also allows mobile to desktop calls, and text messages to any mobile phone, at a low SMS termination rate.


By now you probably think all of your call termination problems are covered. And it could be true, but WiCall has very competitive long distance rates. It works as a prepaid card, it doesn t require a contract or minimum top up. More than app to app calling, WiCall is ideal to reach any number at a low-cost.


This app turns your iPhone into a walkie-talkie. You can send voice notes over a channel and it will reach all subscribers. It is a great option for a selected group of friends you want to keep in contact with. Messages are sent to all channel members simultaneously and it works with a data plan or Wi-Fi signal.

VoIP lines are already part of our routine. The business world is embracing it at a rapid pace. Even the most conservative ones are starting to consider GSM gateways as an investment option, basically because cost-effective opportunities are hard to miss. As a remote worker or global citizen, smartphones give you the opportunity to stay close to people anywhere around the world. Keep in touch with anyone without dealing with high call termination or SMS termination rates.

Which of these apps are you already using? Let us know how they work for you by commenting below.


Note: provided image was found on morguefile.com

Details GTA 5 version for PC

A week back the rumors about the anticipated release compatible title. This time for allegedly giving us any information about its content, following the leak of a data file belonging to this third version of Grand Theft Aauto 5 for PC. The wait seems too long already.

And they seem reluctant to make a move in this direction in the coming weeks from Rockstar. Even less in a month like January very little given to big announcements. What everyone is becoming clear is that.

It will, at least, six months after its release of grand theft auto V for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Yes, it seems that throughout the length of the delay, the developer has not been idle, and their intention is to offer the best possible version for patients PC users.

An example would be a user details have unveiled in GTAForum following the discovery of a file inserted in the version for Sony’s console and has gutted to get the first information on which is coming on grand theft auto V very shortly.

And this has to do with the amount of players who may abide in the category of GTA online: no less than 32 simultaneous players, or what is the same, double the currently allowed versions for PS3 and Xbox 360. This is sensed by the discovery of up to thirty-two huds colors, one for each of the participants.

Actually , this corresponds to one of the great aspirations by fans grand theft auto V, that since the project is officially known, is dreamed that possibility, and even no shortage rumors that it subsequently denied by the company, which announced a reduction to 16 players.

Now would come true, to give credence to such information, and we can get into massive games in modes like Cop and Crooks, Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Racing or Free Mode; modalities discovered game also in the mentioned file and would be present also this version of Grand Theft Auto V to PC.

Source: http://www.gtavicecity.descargapay.com/2013/10/descargar-gta-vice-city-para-pc-gratis.html

As of press how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team

“At present the list yet, but will disclose the relevant instructions before listing .” National SME staff share transfer system yesterday ( January 21 ) on the “Daily Economic how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team” reporter said . That evening , some companies public how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team transfer instructions have been hanging on the transfer system Web site , Reporters Statistics found that the number of these enterprises more than two hundred .
So far, three new board will reach more than 600 listed companies how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team, with a number of small and medium enterprise board evenly matched ,how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team quantity exceeds GEM companies , which have had many companies involved in the current A- share market ‘s hottest topics . Three new board expansion as a feast , including brokerage how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team, venture capital firms and high-tech park will become the beneficiaries .
Since the new system was established three how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team , the system is gradually improving, including listing access, investment access , transfer boards, while improving system expansion after three new board will undoubtedly develop more favorable financing SMEs fifa 14 ultimate team coins online.
Xiangcai led hot topics /
Reporters noted that the code listed companies ranked last on the power company to Shanghai , code 430363 . And yesterday between Yi pass code 430364 for information to code the most how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team” far” 430630 BIWIN technology , many companies have how to buy coins in fifa 14 ultimate team their public transfer instructions. As of press time reporter , announced the transfer of the specification listed company intends to more than two hundred, reporters estimated the number of new listed companies should be less than or equal 267 . www.fifacoinsstore.co.uk

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